There seems to be no symptoms that requires urgent attention. It appears sufficient to monitor the situation at home, and take your child to the hospital during regular hours.

  • Please care for you child in a way that makes him/her feel better.
Anti-mosquito incense, mat Shoe cleaner Lipstick
Cleanser Silica gel Incense stick
Chalk Bath salts Clay
Toothpaste Glue Candle
Click here for nursing points other than the above.

Telephone consultation service in case of accidental ingestion / Poisoning 110 phone service

  • This service is for the general public and is free of charge.
    • ▶Osaka Poisoning 110 (365 days, 24 hours)


    • ▶Tsukuba Poisoning 110 (365 days, 9 am to 9 pm)


    • ▶Tobacco-specific Hotline (365 days, 24 hours)

      072-726-9922 *Information provided to the general public through recordings

However, if symptoms change, please visit an emergency clinic. During holidays and New Years break, visit the emergency clinic the next day.

At your visit, let your doctor know

  • “What” did your child drink and “how much”?
  • Did your child vomit? If so, how many times?

    * In a container, store some of the vomit, and take it with you when you visit the hospital.

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