Finding a hospital that accept visitors during nights and holidays

Links to local medical associations
  • This page is found within the Japan Medical Association website. It is currently linked to 47 prefecture medical associations and 673 municipal medical associations.
  • By checking the website of the Medical Association of the city where you live, you can check information for nights and holidays on-duty doctors.
Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institution Information Service Himawari
  • You can search for various medical institutions in order of proximity centered on the specified location.
  • In cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Health and Welfare, this collected of medical institutions is updated more than once a year.
  • To search for medical institutions in municipalities outside of Tokyo,click here.

Get more information about poisoning

Japan Poison Information Center
  • In the "Poison Information Database" of the Japan Poison Information Center, you can get detailed information on countermeasures by searching on the name of household items, natural poisons, and bacterial food poisoning.
  • In addition, the center also provides “Poisoning 110 and telephone service” providing information by phone in the event of an actual accident.
Poison database search system
  • This a database of poisoning-related products offered by the University Hospital Medical Information Network Research Center. This site is convenient when you want to know more specific ways to cope since it gives a as description of treatments by product.
Children's Accidental Ingestion and Accidental Ingestion 110
  • This is the website of the Okinawa Pharmaceutical Association.
  • This site provides easy explanations of what to do if your child mistakenly drinks or eats something, focusing on familiar items that are common in daily life.
  • If you wish to provide a link to this site, please contact the Japan Pediatric Society.
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