There seems to be no symptoms that requires urgent attention. It appears sufficient to monitor the situation at home, and take your child to the hospital during regular hours.

Child’s Symptoms

However, if symptoms change, please visit an emergency clinic. During holidays and New Years break, visit the emergency clinic the next day.

Points to check for burns

  • Judging the severity of burns is extremely difficult, so if you cannot make a judgement, visit an emergency clinic.
  • If your child has burns on the area of joints and palms, it may become difficult to move the skin, so visit a hospital soon.

Nursing points for burns

  • It is most important to cool it well! Let's cool down to alleviate the pain.
  • Do not touch the burn area.
  • Try to avoid traditional remedies such as applying aloe.
  • Commercially available chilled sheets cannot be used to cool burns.

At your visit, let your doctor know

  • What was the cause of the burn? (For example: Hot water, oil, fire from the stove, steam from the rice cooker or pot, etc.)

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