You should go to the emergency clinic.

Child’s Symptoms


Preparing to go to the emergency clinic

Let’s prepare the items you will take to the hospital

  • □ Health insurance card
  • □ Medical expenses deduction certificate (infant)
  • □ Maternal and Child Handbook
  • □ Medication Handbook
  • □ Body temperature tracking notes
  • □ Change of clothes, diapers
  • □ Money

Let’s be careful when going to the hospital

  • 1. Check sources of fire before leaving home!
  • 2. Don't forget to close your door!
  • 3. Watch out for traffic accidents!

Points to check for burns

  • Judging the severity of burns is extremely difficult, so if you cannot make a judgement, visit an emergency clinic.
  • If your child has burns on the area of joints and palms, it may become difficult to move the skin, so visit a hospital soon.

Nursing points for burns

  • It is most important to cool it well! Let's cool down to alleviate the pain.
  • Do not touch the burn area.
  • Try to avoid traditional remedies such as applying aloe.
  • Commercially available chilled sheets cannot be used to cool burns.

At your visit, let your doctor know

  • What was the cause of the burn? (For example: Hot water, oil, fire from the stove, steam from the rice cooker or pot, etc.)

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