There seems to be no symptoms that requires urgent attention. It appears sufficient to monitor the situation at home, and take your child to the hospital during regular hours.

Child’s Symptoms

However, if symptoms change, please visit an emergency clinic. During holidays and New Years break, visit the emergency clinic the next day.

Nursing point for Stopped urination

  • If the air is dry or if the amount of sweat increases in summer, the amount of urine will decrease. Also, if you have been in a car for a long time, even if it is not summer, there your child may experience a mild shortage of fluids.
  • If your child is in a good mood and appears well, it may be sufficient to give your child electrolyte drinks or milk and monitor the situation. Please ensure that the room temperature is not too high.
  • In infants, if there is pain during urination or if only small amount is being released repeatedly, it is possible that antibiotics may be necessary.
  • In boys, there are times when the tip of the penis is red and swollen with pus discharge. This may be due to the penis being dirty, so if it is after hospital hours, please wash it with warm water and monitor the condition. Similarly, if a girl shows something on her underwear, please wash the area gently. It will likely get better if the symptoms are mild. Usually, it is not necessary to visit an emergency clinic, but if the swelling or pain does not subside, you should visit a doctor.

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