You should go to the emergency clinic.

Child’s Symptoms


Preparing to go to the emergency clinic

Let’s prepare the items you will take to the hospital

  • □ Health insurance card
  • □ Medical expenses deduction certificate (infant)
  • □ Maternal and Child Handbook
  • □ Medication Handbook
  • □ Body temperature tracking notes
  • □ Change of clothes, diapers
  • □ Money

Let’s be careful when going to the hospital

  • 1. Check sources of fire before leaving home!
  • 2. Don't forget to close your door!
  • 3. Watch out for traffic accidents!

Points to check for stopped urination

  • Even if the number of urinating episodes is small, it may not be concern for dehydration if the volume per episode is large, or if the diaper is wet with urine and weighs the usual amount.

At the hospital, let your doctor know

  • When was the last time your child urinated?
  • Were you at a hot location all day?

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