You should go to the emergency clinic.

Child’s Symptoms


Preparing to go to the emergency clinic

Let’s prepare the items you will take to the hospital

  • □ Health insurance card
  • □ Medical expenses deduction certificate (infant)
  • □ Maternal and Child Handbook
  • □ Medication Handbook
  • □ Body temperature tracking notes
  • □ Change of clothes, diapers
  • □ Money

Let’s be careful when going to the hospital

  • 1. Check sources of fire before leaving home!
  • 2. Don't forget to close your door!
  • 3. Watch out for traffic accidents!

Points to check when crying continuously

  • How is your child’s stool? How about a fever? Is there somewhere that seems to hurt? When your child doesn't stop crying, check again for other symptoms you may not have noticed previously. For small children who cannot talk, just checking for appetite and fever in advance can be an important clue.
  • Care should be taken if there are symptoms such as pale skin, signs of exhaustion after crying, or blood mixed in with the stool. There is no need to panic, but it is better to visit a hospital.

At the hospital, let your doctor know

  • Is your child’s crying different from usual? If so, how is it different?
  • Are there any other symptoms that concern you?

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