There seems to be symptoms that require urgency.

Child’s Symptoms


How to call an ambulance

First dial 119!

  • 1. Dial “119” without the area code.
  • 2. Tell them "I need an ambulance."
  • 3. Tell the following:
    • □ Child's age
    • □ Child's name
    • □ Address
    • □ Phone number
    • □ Building of your location
  • 4. Describe your child's symptoms.

While waiting for an ambulance

  • 1. Prepare the following:
    • □ Health insurance card
    • □ Medical expenses deduction certificate (infant)
    • □ Maternal and Child Handbook
    • □ Medication Handbook
    • □ Body temperature tracking notes
    • □ Change of clothes, diapers
    • □ Money
  • 2. Unlock the front door
  • 3. If you have family members or neighbors, ask for them to notify you when the ambulance arrives.

Let's be careful when going to hospital by ambulance

  • 1. Check sources of fire before leaving home!
  • 2. Don't forget to close your door!

Precautions during convulsions

  • Don't let things get into your child’s mouth!

Nursing points during convulsions

  • Lay your child on his/her back, loosen the clothing and position the face sideways.

At the hospital, let your doctor know

  • “From when”, “What kind of convulsions”, and “How long” it lasted?
  • Was there any difference in the convulsions by side, such as only the right half or only the left half of the body?
  • What was your child’s body temperature when the convulsions occurred?

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