There seems to be no symptoms that requires urgent attention. There is likely nothing to worry about.

Child’s Symptoms

However, if symptoms change, please visit an emergency clinic. During holidays and New Years break, visit the emergency clinic the next day.

Nursing point for nosebleed

  • ImageFor a while, stay in a sitting position leaning slightly forward.
  • If your child lays facing upward, the nosebleed will flow down into your child’s throat and will cause coughing, or ingesting the blood may cause nausea.
  • Do not hit the back of your child’s neck. There is no basis for hitting the back of the neck.
  • Do not put tissue paper in the nose. If you put things in your child’s nose, the mucous membrane of the nose may be damaged, and when the object is removed, it may peel off the hardened crust increasing the chance of bleeding again.
  • Be careful that your child does not to play with or blow his/her nose after the nosebleed stops.

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