There seems to be no symptoms that requires urgent attention. It appears sufficient to monitor the situation at home, and take your child to the hospital during regular hours.

Child’s Symptoms

However, if symptoms change, please visit an emergency clinic. During holidays and New Years break, visit the emergency clinic the next day.

Nursing points during nausea and vomiting

  • Lay your child down sideways to avoid choking from the vomit.
  • Give your child an electrolyte drink for babies little by little every 15-30 minutes.

    * It is a good idea to keep a stock of electrolyte drink for infants at home. During dehydration, it can help to both rehydrate and replenish minerals.

At the hospital, let your doctor know

  • Vomiting started “from when” and “how many times”?
  • Describe the characteristics of the vomit. (For example: it smells sour, resembles the smell of stool, like coffee residue, yellow or green vomit, etc.)
  • How many times did you change your child’s diaper? Or how many times did your child urinate?

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