You should go to the emergency clinic.

Child’s Symptoms


Preparing to go to the emergency clinic

Let’s prepare the items you will take to the hospital

  • □ Health insurance card
  • □ Medical expenses deduction certificate (infant)
  • □ Maternal and Child Handbook
  • □ Medication Handbook
  • □ Body temperature tracking notes
  • □ Change of clothes, diapers
  • □ Money

Let’s be careful when going to the hospital

  • 1. Check sources of fire before leaving home!
  • 2. Don't forget to close your door!
  • 3. Watch out for traffic accidents!

Points to check during abdominal pain and constipation

  • Does your child have other symptoms such as fever and nausea?
  • Have a bad cough? Wheezing?
  • Does a person who ate the same thing suffer from similar symptoms?
  • Do you have any suspicions, such as sashimi or drinking too much cold juice?
  • Does your child go poop every day? Is the stool hard and clumpy?
  • Is there blood in the stool? Does your child have diarrhea?

Nursing points for abdominal pain and constipation

  • A stomach flu is usually accompanied by nausea and fever. The trick is to give only small amount of room temperature electrolyte drinks for babies and refrain from giving formula, milk and meals for about half a day.
  • Asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia often make the stomach hurt.
  • If someone ate the same thing and the same symptoms occurred almost simultaneously, food poisoning may be considered. In this case, it is important to test whether the cause is bacterial before taking medicine (especially for antibiotics). There is no need to panic, but see your doctor as soon as possible.

At the hospital, let your doctor know

  • How long did the stomach pain last? Did the pain get better and worse?
  • Did your child vomit? If so, did it look like coffee grounds or was it green?

    * Put the vomit in a plastic bag, and take it with you when you visit the doctor.

  • Did your child go poop? If not, indicate how many days it has been since defecating.

    If yes, indicate how many times and about how much came out and its characteristics (whitish, blackish, reddish, greenish, etc.).

    * Take the diaper with stool when you visit the doctor.

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